A special restaurant in Andros

theros | All Day Restaurant in AndrosRestaurant in Andros means a unique location by the sea. It means Mediterranean and Greek cuisine with local ingredients and “sophisticated” recipes. At the beach of Chora, Neiborio, we have created theros | All Day Restaurant, a special restaurant in Andros. In a completely renovated space, with Cycladic aesthetics and with the background of Chora and the endless blue. There you can taste excellent food, gazing at the Turlitis Lighthouse and the Venetian Castle. Try recipes that marry the new with the old and local products.

Restaurant in Andros means you can start your day, enjoying your breakfast no matter what time you wake up. Swim and relax into our loungers while enjoying your coffee, cocktails and our unique snacks. And if you are thrilled to jump up and enjoy the ouzo, raki or your beer with delicious appetizers. And if the sea has opened your appetite, you can travel to the flavors of our unique menu while enjoying your meal at a unique restaurant in Andros.

A restaurant in Andros, on a unique Cycladic island

Andros offers short escapes, due to the short distance, but also for long-term holidays. In summer in Andros there are countless natural beauties and locations, amazing beaches and waters to swim. The truth is that it does not resemble a Cycladic island. Andros is special. On such an island, we were obliged to create something special. Theros | All Day restaurant is a place corresponding to the individual elements and the beauty of Andros. To spend a unique summer in a special place in Andros.

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